Price List

Single Axle Caravan Service£175
Twin Axle Caravan Service £195
Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)£180
Single Axle Chassis Only Service£125
Twin Axle Chassis Only Service£145
ALDE Fluid Change (5-Year Fluid)£195
Habitation Service£160
Damp Test£65
Air Soundness Test£65
Fridge Service£65
Water Heater Service£65
Space Heater Service£65
Cooker Service£65
Hourly Rate£50
Pre-purchase Inspection (Caravan)£150
Pre-purchase Inspection (Motorhome)£150
Accessory Fitting ServicePrice
Motor Mover Fitting£150
Solar Panel Fitting £150
Alarm Fitting£150
Tracker Fitting£150
Reversing Sensor/Camera Fitting£150
Leisure Battery Fitting£40
AccessoriesPrice SuppliedPrice Fitted
Caravan Motor Movers
Powrtouch Evolution (Single) Manual £900£1,025
Powrtouch Evolution (Single) Auto Engage£950£1,095
Powrtouch Evolution (Twin) Manual£1,150£1,450
Powrtouch Evolution (Twin) Auto Engage£1,200£1,500
Powrtouch Evolution AWD Manual£1,500£1,700
Powrtouch Evolution AWD Auto Engage£1,800£2,100
Other Caravan Mover makes available (P.O.A)
DBS Leoch Leisure Batteries
SFL85 85ah (3 year warranty)£70£75
SFL110 110Ah (NCC Class C 2 year warranty)£100£105
SFL110 L 110Ah (NCC Class C 2 year warranty)£100£105
GTP2110 110Ah (GEL NCC Class A 5 year warranty)£195£200
LAGM130 110Ah (NCC Class A 3 year warranty)£160£170
Solar Tech Solar Panels
PV Logic Fold Up Panels 4w - 90w£40£350
Roof Mounted Panels 18w - 150w£180£500
PV Logic Flexi Roof Panels 10w - 80w£125£450
Premium Flexi Roof Panels 40w - 160w£300£950

There may be additional charges for travel if over 25 miles and for parts, (Hub Nuts, Gas Hose, etc) and sundries, (Grease, Silicone Spray, etc), however, all prices are inclusive of VAT.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.  Cheques should be made payable to: Midland Mobile Leisure Services Ltd and Bank transfers to: Acc No. 87623287 Sort Code: 09-01-51.


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